Wine list

White wines Glass Carafe Bottle
Ortiga Airen / Sauvignon blanc – Tierra de Castilla – Spain
The colour is crisp & bright yellow. Fragrances of exotic yellow fruit like banana and melon. Soft and mellow flavours with soft acidity.
€3,85 €14,25 €20,50
Ycaro Chardonnay reserva – Vinedos Emiliana – Chile
Attractive tropical flavours with notes of green apple, pear and vanilla. A tight, yet rich wine, soft and delicate.
€5,00 €17,50 €27,50
Mundo de Yuntero Verdejo/Sauvignon blanc – La Mancha – Spain
Light yellow colour with fruity flavors and floral aromas. Fresh, lively, delicate with a smooth finish.
€5,00 €17,50 €27,50
Pure Terroir Viognier – Pays doc – Languedoc – France
Subtile hints of flowers and exotic fruits, dry and yet refreshing. Tender with lots of nuts, nicely balanced.
€5,00 €17,50 €27,50
Red wines Glass Carafe Bottle
Ortiga – Tempranillo – Tierra de Castilla – Spain
Tender and friendly bright red wine. Mellow flavours and moderate acidity. Lots of fruit and a pleasant finish.
€3,85 €14,25 €20,50
Natural Star Organic Shiraz – South-Africa
Fragrances of ripe fruit, pepper and smoky tones. Full bodied palate with enough powerful fruit.
€5,00 €17,50 €27,50
Costa Al Sole / L’Auratae Nero d’Avola – Sicily – Italy
Rich and elegant fragrances with the sweetness of aged oak barrels. Intense and concentrated flavours of fruits woven in a creamy structure.
€5,00 €17,50 €27,50
Carmenere Reserva D.O. Valle de Colchagua – Chile
Dark Ruby red wine with fragrances of ripe cherries and spicy black pepper. Soft structure and balanced acidity. Sweet and round tanines with a pleasant finish.
€5,00 €17,50 €27,50
Rosé wine, Prosecco and Water Glass Carafe Bottle
Ortiga Tempranillo rosado – Tierra de Castilla – Spain
The colour of this wine is light pink, soft fragrances of red fruit like raspberries, strawberries and bumbleberries. Mellow and soft finish.
€3,85 €14,25 €20,50
Prosecco Treviso – Italy
Prosecco Collo Trevigiani Pizzolato is a fresh and fruity prosecco from Veneto. Perfect balance of sweet and acidity. Flavours of green apple.
Dessert wine – Stellar Winery – South-Africa
Aroma’s of abricots and honey. Very exotic with the taste of pineapple.
Mineral water
Earth Water (100% of profits donated to U.N.H.C.R)
Still or sparkling
€2,00 €5,00