Aangenaam aims to prepare tasty dishes with products that are produced responsibly, sustainable and in season. This is reflected in almost all products we have on our menu, but also in the way our restaurant is presented.

Our coffee, wines and tea are solely organic. Our draft beer is from the sustainable brewery ‘Brand’. We also serve speciality beers by “Texelse brewery”, “Gulpener organic” and “Budels organic”.

The fish on our menu is selected each season using the Fishing Guide of the WWF. It indicates whatkind of fish are in season and therefore an excellent choice serving. The ‘green’ fish in this guide are grown environmentally friendly,  and/or caught in a sustainable way.

We only use organic meat in our dishes. This means that the animals had space to roam freely. They did not receive any growth stimulants, hormonic injections or antibiotics.

And of course the fruits, salads, vegetables and many other products are organic. Except for our chocolate; it’s the Fair Trade brand ‘Tony’s Chocolonely’. A Dutch brand with a mission.

The restaurant does more then just use sustainable foods. The plates, bowls, decoration and furniture mostly have the Fair Trade ‘Max Havelaar’ mark. Also, we use green electricity, gas and biodegradable detergents. Also, we donate 5% of our profits to charity.

Aangenaam is capable of serving you a well-prepared, seasonal, delicious and creative meal using these guidelines. Our staff will be happy to inform you if you have any question!