High Tea

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can have a propper High tea at Aangenaam! We serve our High tea in 3 courses with delicious savoury and sweet treats. Accompanied by our delicious teas of MR. Jones.
Costs are 19,50 p.p. (minimum of 2 people), reservations have to be made 1 day before.

Soup of the day with a sesame & poppyseed twister

Quiche with seasonal veggies, bacon, crème fraîche & hazelnuts


Savoury scones with olives, tomato & soft goatcheese

Sandwiches with smoked trout & old cheddar with red onion chutney


Poppyseed scones with jam & clotted cream

Carrotcake, lemon almond cake & petit chocolate mousse